2015 Annual Convention Roundup

The sky was blue, the water was warm, and the mood was one of summer fun at the 2015 annual convention at the King and Prince Beach Resort in St. Simons Island, GA.

The June 7-10th event provided continuing education, networking, and family fun in a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere.  Enjoy some of the highlights in our Convention Roundup & Gallery, below.  (Our thanks to Phil Skeen of Matthews for many of these outstanding photos, and for capturing our convention in both video and stills.)

Sunday’s opening party, sponsored by Batesville and Pierce/Wilbert, featured a low country boil on the lawn under large tents.
Mass Fatality Awards

L to R: Dick Ivey, David Roach, Alysia English, Bob Arrington, Bryant Hightower, and Greg Cannon.

NFDA President-Elect Bob Arrington recognized several members of Georgia’s Mass Fatality and separate Ebola planning teams during the Past Presidents’ Breakfast Monday morning.  Breakfast sponsored by The Outlook Group/Physicians Mutual.

Past Presidents

Each year, GFDA past presidents are recognized for their service to funeral service both in the past and today.  Pictured (left to right) are Past Presidents Dick Ivey, Butch Hemperley, William Bowen, Larry Whitfield, Tom Lord, Bryant Hightower,  David Stern, Tracy Fisher, Terry Daviston, Valerie Wages, and Bobby Brannen.

powell closest to pin

Shelly McCosh awarded the trophies for Monday’s Aurora Golf Tournament.   Mitchell Powell, pictured above with his son, Cooper, won Closest to Pin this year.  Longest Drive was won by Steven Smith, not pictured.

2015 1st Place Team:  Jeff Jones, Rob Roberson, Dylan Freeman and Mitchell Powell pictured with GFDA president Dick Ivey.

2015 1st Place Team: Jeff Jones, Rob Roberson, Dylan Freeman and Mitchell Powell pictured with GFDA president Dick Ivey.

2015 2nd Place Team:  Jonathan Jenkins, Cameron Williams, Dan Peeples, Steven Smith with Dick Ivey, GFDA president.

2015 2nd Place Team: Jonathan Jenkins, Cameron Williams, Dan Peeples, Steven Smith with Dick Ivey, GFDA president.

During convention, GFDA holds a special memorial service to remember those who’ve passed in the prior 12 months.  Each family receives a woven blanket, sponsored and created by Funeral Home Gifts, featuring their loved one’s picture.  The blanket shown below is a tribute to Walter Mathews, former GFDA president, of Mathews Funeral Home, Albany.

Memorial Service

This year’s Cincinnati Equitable Night featured a fun dinner along with a Classic TV theme (Gilligan’s Island, Bonanza, Happy Days, and Andy Griffith).  Games and prizes were the hit of the night, along with a DJ and dance contests.

Diane Ivey tries her hand at the Gilligan’s Island booth.

Diane Ivey tries her hand at the Gilligan’s Island booth.

The Andy Griffith set featured a “fishing hole” with bamboo poles and ticket-winning fish—along with Deputy Fife’s jail cell, where Ernest T. Bass and Otis spent lots of time.  Guests threw bean bags to knock down cans inside the jail and win tickets.

Andy Griffith

Lucy and Ethel couldn’t keep up with this trio in chef’s hats in the recreation of the “Candy Factory” episode.  During the Cincinnati Equitable party, 4 different groups competed to see how many chocolate candies they could wrap in one minute.

I Love Lucy Contest

GFDA would like to again send a big thank you to Geoff Maynor and Matthews Casket as part of our preferred provider program, as our members enjoy special benefits from Matthews.  Below, Geoff presents an annual marketing check to President Ivey.

Maynor Matthews Award

Funeral Professionals from Newtown, CT to Speak at 2013 GFDA Convention

It seems that almost every week another mass fatality incident makes national headlines.  Boston, Aurora, Newtown:  The places and incidents vary, but the effect on individuals and communities is the same.  As funeral professionals, families look to you as their first line of defense in times like this – and even more so when a tragedy is accompanied by heightened media presence.

After an armed gunman shot 26 children in a Newtown, CT school, the despairing town and its grieving families were suddenly ground zero for a media circus.  The usual complications of burying a child or family member are compounded exponentially under such scrutiny.  Under normal circumstances, funeral directors are well-equipped to deal with grief and its effects; unfortunately, with the prevalence of mass casualty events, funeral directors find themselves as profoundly shaken as their communities.

With this in mind, GFDA is hosting three Connecticut funeral professionals who together became the center of communications for families, officials, and news outlets during the week of December 14, 2012.  John F. Cascio, CFDA Executive Director, Pasquale S. Folino, CFSP, 2012-13 CFDA President, and Laura R. Soll, CFDA Communications Director, will host a two-hour continuing education session to recount how more than 160 Connecticut funeral directors stepped forward to work together and support each other through otherwise overwhelming events.

Participants in this continuing education session will discover how CFDA’s leadership developed and implemented a myriad of actions to support its members in serving victims and their families.  The CFDA members will also recount how prior planning on the Association’s part prepared the state for this unprecedented set of challenges.  They will explore the human side of funeral directors dealing with this devastating experience while also serving their families with dignity and privacy.  Additionally, the session will cover how CFDA managed communications with worldwide media to insure that funeral directors were supported during what was a shattering experience for all involved.

For more information on continuing education sessions at the 2013 GFDA Annual Convention, or for registration materials, please click here.

New Crematory Rules Assure the Public of Safe Operation

The Georgia Senate has released its final report for the 2012 legislative study on crematory emissions in Georgia.  The results showcase how funeral service, working in concert with legislators and concerned citizens, achieved meaningful outcomes while taking into consideration the needs of all sides.

In September 2012, Georgia State Senator Steve Henson (D-41) convened the Georgia Senate Crematoria Study Committee.  Over the course of three different meetings last fall, industry professionals, vendors, concerned citizens, and related experts testified on crematory emissions.

Testimony at the hearings highlighted several key themes:

  • Strong scientific evidence exists that clearly demonstrates crematories are NOT a significant source of any type of pollution.  However, that information has not made its way into the public arena in a meaningful way. At the same time, the internet has been a source of misinformation, outdated material, and ill-informed authors of personal blogs, all of which muddy the issue.  Very little is available showing recent emission studies; most studies available to the general public are a number of years old.
  • Because of this, the public tends to have an emotional reaction about the topic.  They tend to fall into two camps:  1) those with a general fear of deceased people who express fear and concern about “the dead,” or “burning;” 2) those who feel that harmful materials come out of the stack and land in close proximity to the retort, including on their homes.
  • Laymen testimony showed concern that crematories are too close to their homes, even when shown extensive data that concrete factories, coal-fired plants, and even canned tuna are more highly significant sources of pollutants than crematories.  It appears this relates back to the general aversion to death and the deceased.
  • We were able to demonstrate that correctly operating modern retorts have extensive emission controls and redundant safety mechanisms. Again, the outdated information available to the general public does not take into account recent emission studies or modern retort technology (which is much improved from 15 to 20 years ago).


As a profession, we need to do a better job of providing data about the safety of crematories — proactively, rather than in the midst of a public battle.

In preparation for the legislative study, GFDA coordinated a private crematory emission test with the help and financial support of crematory owners around the state.  That private study documented little to no emissions from a crematory.  We thank each and every individual who supported that study.

The Senate Final Report generally agrees that crematories are not a significant source of emissions and likely not a health hazard.  At the same time, it recognizes that people want a measure of assurance that they are being protected on an on-going basis.  The resulting recommendations include:

  • registration with the state of the actual equipment installed (make, model, year)
  • an annual inspection of each crematory (already being done prior to study)
  • certification of the funeral director in full and continuous charge
  • a 30-day repair window for any problems, with shut-down if the retort can’t be repaired within that timeframe

There is also a list of companies registered with the State to repair crematories.  That list is not a certification or endorsement of any particular company; instead, it is a notification that those companies are operating in the state on this type of equipment.

The above recommendations went into effect with the Georgia State Board of Funeral Service as a Rule Change, effective January 2013.  The full text of the new Rules and the Final Senate Report are linked below this article for your convenience.

If your funeral director in full and continuous charge has been trained through a recognized source such as the manufacturer, CANA, or other company licensed to sell, operate and/or repair crematories, that person is considered already trained.  This is a one-time training on a particular manufacturer’s equipment and not an on-going continuing education requirement.  If the director in charge it NOT trained, he or she has until the next individual license renewal period to achieve training — March 31, 2014.

If you as a GFDA member need assistance with meaningful data to provide your local government, please contact us.

Crematory Rules as of January 2013

GA Crematory Study, Final Senate Report